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Perfectly Delicious!

They are always exactly the same, ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL! I've had them many times and have never been disappointed! The consistency is amazing! Thank you for making life a little better with chocolate!

Good stuff

Excellent chocolate!

My favorite!

These are the best chocolate covered cherries. Truly a cut above. My order is professionally handled and gift worthy.

I Love NYC Bundle
Kimberley Wurster
Great Gift

Was looking for something special to get a dear friend for her bday. She loves chocolate and NYC so this was a huge hit. She said everything was delicious and so fun. Ordering was easy and delivery went without a hitch.

16pc Valentines Ganache Box

9pc Chocolate Clusters
Betty Springer
Crunchy, Tasty Chocolate

Just the right amount of cruchy and smooth.

Still LOVE Mariebelle, but some glitches this time around.

I adore your chocolates and presentation. This is why I ordered over $400 worth
of gifts! However, there were a few glitches this time. I ordered via phone and
asked to pay. The Customer Service person said not to worry and that my order
would go out the next day, arriving on Friday. And to look for the way to pay on my email. He failed to tell me that they would not send until they got the pay. (This is obvious now but I am a return customer so I thought it was all ok). It did not send until I saw the email 2 days later and this did not arrive in time for my event. (Thus I
spent $200 more searching my city to buy 2 more boxes of chocolate!) Then when it finally arrived, I received all the rest ok but received 4 boxes of 16 candies instead
of 2 boxes of 16 and 2 boxes of 24 that I had paid for. We solved this by 2 more
boxes of 9 still coming this week! Please let folks know that the candy will not
go out until the email request is paid. All is well and I still love Mariebelle. JH

Very good but shipping was rough

The truffles were delicious but arrived a bit beaten up by the shipping. Maybe bubble wrap?

16pc Valentines Ganache Box

Perfect Gift

Perfect gift for every friends that come to NY

Impressively Delicious

I give Mariebelle as gifts all the time. The reaction is always priceless. At first they say it’s too beautiful to eat. After the first taste they say the best chocolates ever!

Absolutely lovely!

Purchased 2 to give as thank you gifts and cannot bear to part with 1 for myself. So lovely and contents are delicious!

Perfect truffles

The package arrived perfectly wrapped. The hazelnut truffles are superb. The texture and creaminess are second to none. I've had the best chocolate out there and these are great. The hot chocolate is amazing as well.


Love my little purchase. Never heard of your shop until I watched a vlog by Olivia Viewyork who went to your shop and showed us around. I fell in love with your shop’s colors and the way it is decorated. Your Christmas tree…I seriously considered changing my Christmas peppermint theme to your colors. Then when Olivia held up the little lunchbox to the camera, well, being a lover of all things cute, I knew I needed to have one! In fact, I bought one for my sister too! I cannot wait to feast on the hot chocolate and the chocolate bars that are included. The little box with the gold handle that houses the goodies is adorable and I will keep it forever. My order arrived around two days after placing it which was awesome. Also, the fact that it came all the way from NYC to little Red Rock, Arizona unscathed is especially awesome!💙💛

16pc Chocolate Covered Cherries Box
Mary Lou Grolimond Olson
16 pc Chocolate Covered Cherries Box

Fabulous Chocolate Covered Cherries, the Best we have ever eaten!

Holiday Cacaotelle Gift Set
Imel Laborde
Mariebelle excellence.

Your chocolate is wonderful. I love it. I give it a five stars.

Hot chocolate

Wonderful product.

The Best

By far the most decadent rich thick comforting hot chocolate ever…and that coming from a native south Floridian who really hardly ever gets to enjoy cold weather …that being said when I make a cup I am transported to winter and snow if only in my mind!

The best chocolate!


9pc Holiday Chocolate Ganache Red Box

A great gift for the holidays. My boyfriend’s family loved them.

Wonderful hot chocolate!

After buying for others, I purchased for myself and love the chocolate European style. Wonderful present, too!

16pc Holiday Chocolate Ganache Red Box
Miho Nasu
Adding stories to our festivities

Not only the beautiful chocolates are fun to look at, but the story behind each piece adds so much fun. All the families we have sent Holiday Chocolate Ganaches Red Box enjoyed different varieties at this time of the year - many of them have already enjoyed your blue box. Eating chocolates from this box created a special time for my family as well. Thanks for creating such an amazing experience!!

Best hot cocoa

Best hot cocoa I’ve had. It’s somewhere between a ganache and sauce. Since it’s real chocolate it’s not going to be super sweet; even the milk and white aren’t as sweet as they could be. It’s super luxurious and filling.

9pc Holiday Chocolate Ganache Red Box
Irving Siebrecht

Don’t know yet, as sent to my daughter

20oz Aztec Dark Hot Chocolate Tin