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Taste as good as they look

These are amazing chocolates, almost hate to eat themas they are so beuatiful. Make fabulous gifts.

MarieBelle Ganache treats

I watched a show about the production of chocolate with three chocolate makers, MarieBelle being one of I visited MarieBelle's website and ordered a 36pc Chocolate Ganache Blue Box amongst other items. All I can say is wow! Not only are they a work of art, but they taste as good as they look. The product is well worth the price. Oh, and was shipped to me in South Florida in May and the product arrived in perfect condition.

9pc Brownie Box
Danielle Gruss

Brownies are delicious. Great size. Beautifully boxed.


Very nice gift they loved it

Too few of the finest

Fine chocolates in this country are a rarity. There are only 6 in the US. With a country that has 1/10 of the population, Canada has a dozen. Having Marie Belle is the best.

9pc New York Chocolate Ganache Blue Box

36pc Chocolate Ganache Blue Box

If i didn't LOVE it, i wouldn't order IT!

I live in the dumbest place in the country, so you when you find a product like this, it makes you feel like you're in HEAVEN and away from the slow, the stupid, and the confused.

4pc Velvet Ganache Brownies in Tote Box
rose land
Everything about this product was great

Love the presentation tote and the brownies were chocolatey with delicious chocolate chips.

So Unique

A really unique presentation of wonderful chocolates. Because they are a bit pricey I rarely buy them for myself but they make terrific gifts to special, chocolate loving people.

Inconsistent missing flavors

My first box had sea salt caramel and cheesecake. The other was missing these two flavors, bulked up on other flavors. The 2 nd box should have been the same but wasn’t AND had a flavor not labeled and didn’t match the Easter motifs. It was from NYC collection. Regardless I had those 2 flavors in the first box and not the 2nd. Huge consistency issues in your production! Thanks for asking, not sure if this is an anomaly but was disappointed and not sure I will shop there again now!

Overnight shipping?!

Paid an extra $20 for overnight shipping. Ordered on a Friday as a gift for someone in Brooklyn -they didn’t receive it until Wednesday.

4pc Velvet Ganache Brownies in Tote Box
ReBecca Mathewson
Smooth and Creamy

These are the smoothest and creamiest brownies with just a hint of crisp crust on the top. Perfect chocolate decadence.

These truffles look and taste like the ones we bought from a street vender on our very first trip to Paris (over 50 years ago!). I will never forget them.

Delicious and beautiful presentation

4pc Velvet Ganache Brownies in Tote Box
Irina Girch

Brownies are not my favorite dessert BUT these are very special unusual and absolutely delicious!

Never Recieved

This was supposed to be a gift delivered to a hotel, but even with a signature for the delivery hotel never managed to find it or give it to the guest so we are unsure of the quality of the items we ordered.

A pretty box of chocolates that not only look exquisite but taste delicious too! A perfect gift for loved ones to make them feel special.

16pc Mother’s Day Chocolate Ganache

Mother's Day Sweets

The gift set was spectacular and Mom loved it! Thank for the fast delivery and awesome service.

Great Gift for All

This is a great gift that can be given to to your loved ones. Who does not like quality made chocolates?

4pc Velvet Ganache Brownies in Tote Box
Erika Engstrom
4 pc Velvet Ganache Brownies in Tote Box

The box itself is very pretty. The brownies were quite small for the price. Will not be purchasing again.

Spring Gift Set
Sharon Leite
Spring Gift Set

Fantastic gift, so delicious and the packaging will be something beautiful for my gift recipient to use over and over.

Exquisite decoration and flavor

This is the ultimate gift for mothers of taste. Fabulous in every respect.

Good chocolate

Great taste and consistency