MarieBelle & All Things Exquisite

Step into the enchanting realm that is MarieBelle New York Chocolates, where the art of discovery unfolds with every unboxing; the signature brown bow yields to reveal treasures within, as the elegant box cover lifts to unveil a symphony of scents and flavors.  MarieBelle chocolates are a masterful marriage of creativity and taste, where the eye is as captivated as the palate. 

At MarieBelle New York, we're committed to crafted exceptional experiences that delight the senses. From bespoke designs for your counter to custom creations for your corporate occasions, we create unique masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.  And what's the secret to making these moments unforgettable? The simple yet profound truth: there's no greater pleasure than savoring gourmet chocolates from MarieBelle new York. 

Essence of MarieBelle New York: The Origin Story 

The road to MarieBelle chocolates began beneath the palm trees of Honduras where a young girl made sugar candies that neighborhood children kept buying. Eight-year-old Maribel Lieberman was an instant entrepreneur. Her kitchen-made candy provided a business lesson that would one day bring a string of fine chocolate shops stretching from New York City to Kyoto, Japan. 

At the beginning, there was a lot of learning to do. Lieberman’s first stop in New York was the famed Parsons School of Design followed by a spin in the fashion industry. Inspired by her childhood candy-making, and a belief that food could be delectable art, a 5-year-venture called Maribel’s Gourmet Cuisine was born. 

It was a seminal moment, igniting a passion that culminated in her first New York City storefront. The eclectic Lunettes et Chocolat sold designer chocolates and glasses. It helped her see what was next. 

In 2002, Lieberman opened the original MarieBelle shop in Soho, thousands of miles and decades apart from the palm-lined neighborhood where she sold sugar candies. But her entire life story exists in the flavor-pairings and silken chocolates that draw loyal MarieBelle customers, who believe as she does, that art can be delicious.  

Maribel Lieberman's Favorite Gourmet Chocolates

From her praised-around the-world chocolate ganache to her renowned hot chocolate, Maribel loves the indulgence.

Crafting the Art of Chocolate

Success is about good choices. And MarieBelle knows how to choose. Every chocolate begins with the highest quality single-origin cacao and European butter. Then we get creative, with a sophisticated mixology of global flavors and ingredients, all of them natural. English lavender. Florida Lemons. Puerto Rican rum. Tahitian vanilla. Japanese Matcha tea. Tropical fruits. You can almost taste the aromas as they’re slowly infused with our chocolate, becoming something you can’t say no to. 

Our artisan chefs intimately know their ingredients and chocolate dance steps, from beginning to box. And they know the magic happens in the middle, when everything is spun into a luxurious ganache that’s tempered to remove air, settled overnight, cut into those familiar shapes, and dipped in pure dark chocolate. That completes the dreamy texture and taste before the meaningful final touches. 

MarieBelle doesn’t celebrate chocolate alone. It celebrates the human hunger for expression and beauty. Every piece nestled in our boxes tells a story. Of life, journeys, relationships, and passions. They're stories of life shared one chocolate square at a time, from MarieBelle to you.

MarieBelle New York Chocolates in the Press

Maribel Lieberman's advances as a female chocolatier have not gone unnoticed; showcased in magazines, features, editorials, movies, press and more, our accolades just continue to grow and flourish under praised names