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Discover MarieBelle's gourmet chocolates - fine artisan bean to bar chocolates made in Brooklyn with the finest quality cacao beans. Unique ganaches and more.
Variety of Signature Ganache.

MarieBelle - Mint

Volcano - Caramel Sea Salt

Stained Glass - Cardamom

Lady Bosworth - Cognac

Earth - Earl Grey Tea

Ms. New York - Espresso

Glass Tiles - Hazelnut

Forest - Lavender

Morning Mist - Madagascar

Serenity - Matcha

The City - Dulce de Leche

Maribel & Selima - Milk Chocolate

Le Baiser - Passion Fruit

Hat Day - Pistachio

Sea Waves - Rose Petals

Boardwalk - Toffee

Angelina - Vanilla

The Rose - Whiskey

Mosaique - Wildberry

Flying - Cinnamon

Castaway - Coconut

The Plaza - Lemon

Variety of Signature Ganache.


Dulce de Leche


Madagascar Dark Chocolate



Milk Chocolate

Sea Salt Caramel

Passion Fruit

Variety of Signature Ganache.

Key Purse - Champagne

Flamingos - Caramel Sea Salt

Cinderella - Dulce de Leche

Dancers - Espresso

Love Thread - Madagascar

Girl with Balloons - Milk Chocolate

Heart Flowers - Mint

Love Embrace - Passion Fruit

Boy Blowing Bubbles - Toffee

Heart Pocket - Whiskey

The Boat - Wildberry

Love Girl - Cherry

Love Boy - Lemon