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My friend was happy

I ordered this for my best friend's birthday gift. She loved it and she was saying the package was very cute and chocolates too. She almost doesn’t want to eat because of so cute.

Very caring service

I wish you could have the heart shape box all seasons.

amazing chocos

So good!!!

Great as gifts

These make some of the best gifts I have ever given to friends and family. They are absolutely delicious!!!!

Such amazing chocolate, incredible craftsman, look forward to purchasing more thank you so much for such wonderful product!!

Dark Chocolate Easter Egg with Dark Chocolate Pearls

I love their chocolates. Always so fancy and handmade

16pc Lunar New Year Box - Year of the Dragon


Incredible chocolate

The chocolate blue box is so beautiful and taste heavenly 😇 but unfortunately they don’t have the non alcoholic boxes in the stores so it’s not possible to buy it last minute. But they have enough other options!

Delicious and so unique

I love matcha and was eager to try these truffles. Each bite has a robust, authentic matcha flavor that wasn't too bitter. It balanced perfectly with the sweet chocolate. Shared with some family members who don't ordinarily like matcha and they were also impressed. Would be most appreciated by tea lovers but you can't go wrong with this flavor.

Gourmet Easter Chocolate Gift Set
Delicious! Beautiful presentation

Love ordering the chocolates for my husband for special occasions. Presentation is always above and beyond with details

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
Isabelle Reddy

I loves the Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds! They were sweet, but not to sweet, and they had just the right crunch.


Beautiful packaging, beautiful chocolates.


This hot chocolate duo is pure decadence. The quality of the chocolate is apparent, grated, fresh chocolate rather than powdery texture as most others. It makes for a richer, creamier chocolate experience. I love it and the exquisite packaging is a joy to experience.

Gourmet Easter Chocolate Gift Set
Pretty box, pretty chocolates, flavor okay, arrived really broken

Loved the beautiful butterfly box and the cute shopping bag with chocolate inside.

Easter chocolates were somewhat of a letdown. Bunny and Easter eggs all arrived smashed. Dark colors on the eggs made them seem ghoulish - more like Halloween than Easter.

Wouldn't buy the Easter box as a gift - though I might for myself again.

Great Gift

My friend gave to me as a birthday gift. I really love it. Love the design and tasts great!


The flavor was rich, deep and dark with a smooth texture. Package was nice, easy to give as gifts.

We wouldn’t face a Maine winter without MarieBelle in the pantry. Thank you

Milk Chocolate Easter Egg with Milk Chocolate Pearls

Excellent! Top quality and fast shipping.

16pc Spring Easter Chocolate Ganache Box
Larry Logan
My Mom <3

I purchased this for my mother as an early Easter surprise, she loved it so much she would only eat half a(beautiful) chocolate at a time. I love my mom and she loved these chocolates.

Thank you so much,
Mr. And Mrs. Logan

Best ingredients, wonderful and perfect presentation.

I highly recommend MarieBelle.

Fun and delicious

The art is beautiful, the chocolate is delicious, and the price is great. I give this set as a gift at every appropriate occasion.

4pc Brownie Tin
Mary Ann Mclaughlin

Excellent customer service and brownies!

16pc Spring Easter Chocolate Ganache Box
Alex Brennan
Very good


I’m addicted!

No point in trying any other hot chocolate brand ever. The Aztec Hot Dark Chocolate is wonderfully rich and delicious. It’s a staple at my house.

These were a gift for a chocolate connoisseur. The brownies were a huge hit - declared a triumph. The truffles disappointing. We look forward to many more brownies in the future!!!