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I am new to the luxury chocolate scene and just wish there were more recipes that could be recommended. Maybe a list from Mariebelle stating good parings and such. Other than that, even through my inexperience, every cup I’ve made is exquisite.

Wonderful chocolate!

Great variety of chocolate products! Everything is delicious!

Good taste

The taste is good but not as rich as I had hoped for. Also does not melt well. It leaves slimy pieces in the bottom of the cup. I will try with my Velvetizer next.

Single serving hot chocolate

Excellent enjoyed varieties I had not tried before.

Best hot chocolate ever

This is a marvelous chocolate. I’ve loved it for years.
Sadly, my current package went to California or Canada, thanks to Fed Ex. I hope I don’t run out while waiting patiently. Use UPS, please.

It was a gift and they were very happy. So thanks


My package arrived on schedule, perfectly packed with ice. All of the chocolate was safe and beautifully packed in gorgeous blue boxes. There was a problem with the original shipment, but this was resolved quickly by the web management. This chocolate is superb. Definitely some of the best I have had in the world. Paris, which I visit occasionally, has some of the best chocolatiers. I always stop in to visit Jean-Paul Hevin's shop and also the Hotel Bristol's Johan Giachetti. Maribel Lieberman's chocolate is just as outstanding! Now I can order heavenly chocolate from her and not have to wait until I visit Paris. Wow! Outstanding Job, Maribel!

Smooth hot joy

I have ordered the Aztec Dark Chocolate before and have been very satisfied with it. I like to make it with a shot of espresso. Wonderful!

Love these chocolates! They are beautiful and taste great…highly recommend and they make perfect hostess gifts!

Pâte de Fruits
Elisabeth Lindskog
Pate de Fruits

This was my first order of Pate de Fruits. They are fantastic, the Best ever!
Will order them again soon!


The chocolate covered cherries were the best. They are hard to find and your rendition of them is amazing. We had them for a small group as dessert this weekend and they were gone in no time.

Best dark hot chocolate

MarieBelle’s dark hot chocolate is the best that you can buy in the U.S. Deep, rich, complex flavor. Excellent product.

16pc Mid Autumn Festival Ganache Box
David Cheng

I order the product online. When I received the product, the chocolate was dissolved because of the hot weather, and the delivery company left it on the stair in front of the house! I call the customer service and they replace the product! I wish that the company need to review the shipping process!

9pc Brownie Box

Dark Chocolate Bars Set

Received them today and am enjoying nibbling on them. Thank you Mariebelle!

Birthday Present

My friend loved it. Arrived on time n in perfect condition.


How many grams sugar in each piece? Ty

Five Star Chocolates

Asked my Mom and Aunt what they wanted from NYC. They answered chocolates.
Found MarieBelle online. Very impressed with reviews. Ordered the NYC box of 16 and had them sent direct. Package came in two days! Mom and Auntie were excited to see the chocolates were carefully packed in dry ice and layers and layers of cushioning. Chocolates were well received and divine and wonderfully made. Great representation of NYC! Will order again soon!


These are the best brownies in the universe. I live in Florida and treat myself every few months with these brownies. Nothing like them anywhere. Little crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside and frosting like ganache on top, omg, heaven on earth. I only trust myself with the smaller order of four, they are gone in a week.

MarieBelle Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Set

Absolutely marvelous, authentic mooncakes! Been meaning to try these for years! Truly wonderful!

Beautifully packaged

I received the hot chocolate yesterday and have not tried it yet. However, it was beautifully packaged and sent with care!

Great and wonderful!

9pc Vintage Car Ganache Box
Paul Champion
Great chocolate!!

Thank you for your timely delivery of the best chocolate money can buy!

Work of art

So pretty you hate to eat them.

Aztec dark chocolate refill

This dark chocolate hot chocolate mix is the best!