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Matcha Do About Nothing: 11 Reasons To Drink Matcha Green Tea

May 20, 2015
An ongoing tradition of Japanese culture, Matcha Green Tea (MGT) is the purest form of powdered green tea. Consumed for over a millennium in the Far East, it’s considered one of the best superfoods on the market today as a wholesome alternative to coffee, energy drinks, and other sugary beverages. Recognized for its healthy properties, Matcha Green Tea can be immensely beneficial to the body while at the same time being ultimately delicious! With ten times the benefits of plain green tea, MGT is far superior to other green teas due to its unique growing and harvesting processes. Collected from nutrient-rich leaves selected from the shady tops of the Camellia sinensis plant, MGT is first steamed, stemmed, and then de-vined before being ground into a very fine powder and stored away from light and oxygen. Due to this particular collection process, the MFT retains its vivid green color in addition to antioxidant characteristics so that when you drink a single cup of Matcha, it’s like drinking ten times the amount due to the fact that you consume the entire leaf. Hence, why the bonuses to drinking MGT are far superior. IMG_4223
  • Detoxifies the Body: With the highest level of chlorophyll than any other green tea, this green-ifying pigment aids in ridding toxins in the body, in addition to poisons and hormone disruptors.
  • Weight Loss: Matcha Green Tea has been proven to support the thermogenesis process, resulting in a higher metabolic rate.
  • All Natural Energy Drink: Full of original, natural amino acids, drinking Matcha Green Tea is like drinking the ultimate energy drink, sensa sugar. For a calm boast in stimulative and retentive attention, drink a cup of Matcha and watch your energy soar for at least two hours.
  • Anti-Aging: Full of catechins (the most powerful antioxidants), Matcha contains a particular catechin called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), which makes up more than 60% of all the catechins in Matcha, which is “at least three times higher than other green teas.”
  • Immune System Security: High in polyphenols, catechins, flavonoids and antioxidants, Matcha can actually help fight and improve the body’s natural defense system against outside bacterias and viruses.
  • Memory Stimulation: Bountiful of an amino acid called L-Theanine, Matcha has been proven to increase memory and mind concentration.
  • Cardiovascular System: By resting blood vessels and avoiding blood clots, the antioxidants in Matcha can help prevent heart attacks and diseases of the heart.
  • Gastrointestinal Health: With extremely high levels of easily absorbable dietary fibers, Matcha can help with constipation while aiding blood sugar levels.
  • Miracle Worker: Because Matcha is abundant in chlorophyll, this pigment helps in injury healing in addition to anti-inflammatory wounds.
  • Face Off: Have a fear of acne? Used for centuries by Japanese women as a facial mask, Matcha has antibacterial elements that can help give your skin that all natural glow.
  • Bad Breath Preventor: A particular amino acid in Matcha, Catechin, helps protect tooth enamel while fighting germs and other bacterias to improve bad breath. Matcha toothpaste anyone?
Now that you have so many reasons to drink Matcha Green Tea, get to it! Shop Matcha Hot/Iced Chocolate and start feeling the benefits (available at Mariebelle Soho Store or at Cacao Market in Greenpoint) IMG_4224
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