Get ready for a sweet adventure with Ashley Bellman from New York Live Tv as she joins CEO and Founder Maribel Lieberman on a behind-the-scenes tour of her beloved chocolate shop! Today, Ashley is trading in her reporting hat for a taste-testing apron as she explores MarieBelle New Yorks delectable sweets, collaboration and partnership with other local businesses, and the piéce de résistance: the stunning Cacao Bar that lays hidden within.  
MarieBelle New Yorks Cacao Bar is hot chocolate heaven, offering an unparalleled experience with rich, velvety drinks made from the finest ingredients. From classic treats to innovative creations, Ashley and Maribel will dive into the world of artisanal chocolates, baked goods, and the passion that goes into every single item on the menu. Join them as they divulge in a world of sweet indulgence and discover the magic that makes this chocolate shop a must-have destination for anything for a sweet tooth for the finest things in life. 
Daniella Cagol