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Happy #NationalChocolateCoveredNutDay

February 25, 2015
In honor of #NationalChocolateCoveredNutDay, today we’re keeping it nutty. A basic staple for the human diet, nuts have long held their place as a basic source of nutrients. Early civilizations like the Greeks and Romans were addicted to the walnut while Native Americans were fond of the pecan and the Chinese held the belief that hazelnuts were one of the five sacred way to nourish oneself. Today, nuts are recognized as a high source of protein. However, despite their health benefits, not every tongue is suited for that salty, raw flavor. Course, when you add some of our signature chocolate how can one resist! Incorporating a wide range of nuts like peanuts and pistachio, almonds and cashews, walnuts and hazelnut, Mariebelle’s offers an extensive array of crunchy delights; covered in milk chocolate or dipped in dark, our selection offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best of both world: the sweet and the salty, without the guilt trip. Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 5.01.36 PM
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