Nothing makes us happier than when we get the chance to meet new chocoholics; introducing them into our sweet world of chocolate and confectionery. Breaking up the average work week, we had the wonderful opportunity to share some of our chocolate secrets today with our Japanese retailers, indulging them with delicious knowledge of Mariebelle chocolate and our in house bean-to-bar process.

Thankfully though, these sessions must always adhere to one rule, lots of chocolate! Led by our Sales Manager, Rodolfo greeted our friends from abroad at our Cacao Market store, located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Wooing them in with the familiar scents of fresh coffee and roasting beans, the group made themselves comfortable in our Library Cafe as they were seduced by the eye-candy (literally!) spread out before them; bite size ganache in exotic flavors (think passionfruit and guava), whiskey truffles dusted in dark chocolate, in addition to other little pips (small pieces of chocolate) showcasing their own classic flavors in white chocolate, milk chocolate, matcha green tea, and various flavors of Trinitario dark chocolate.

Needless to say, the morning was a success! With our new friends high off chocolate, we treated them to a savory lunch of pizzas and crepes, shortly followed by refreshing ice chocolates in various flavors. As the hours melted into late afternoon, the day’s discoveries caught up with our traveled friends, leaving them full and satisfied with only one last question as they walked out the door, “one more ice chocolate, for the go!”    

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Daniella Cagol