Urban Daddy :: Extra Añejo Chocolates For Anyone Going Big on Valentine’s Day

16 Piece Reserva de Familia Jose Cuervo Tequila Infused Ganache Box

jorse cuervo-mariebelle-new-york-artisan-bean-to-bar-chocolate-handmade-organic-chocolate-pin-up-girls-bar-cacao-market-rose
Flowers and chocolate. They’ve been due for an image rehaul for some time. Because everyone knows, if you give somebody these traditional Valentine’s Day gifts on Valentine’s Day, you’re unquestionably into vanilla sex and pleated khakis.

But two impressive options have emerged on the V-Day horizon this week, putting a large-format spin on the customary chocolate and flower arrangements that have gone out of style.

NYC chocolatier MarieBelle is selling 100 tequila-infused chocolates in a blue box wearing a black-and-gold ribbon. Each piece contains dark-and-milk chocolate made with Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia extra añejo, imbued with different flavors like caramel, vanilla, cinnamon and tobacco. The dark chocolate shells reflect the artwork used in previous iterations of the annual tequila release.

You could buy a box of 16 for $55. But that would mean you didn’t care enough to buy the 100-piece box for $290. Both are available in MarieBelle’s Soho store and online.

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