The Pearl: An Oscar Worthy Statement

The Pearl: An Oscar Worthy Statement

As eyes gathered round last night to watch the star-studded award ceremony for the 87th Academy Awards, it was one star that undoubtedly stole the show.  Best Dressed in a stunning, all white, open-back custom design by Francisco Costa for Calvin Klien, Lupita N’yongo broke the internet in one of the most spectacular designs so far this year.  Clad head to toe in white, the Oscar presenter forwent her usual palette of color, opting for something more virtuous yet oh so magical.  Constructed with over 6,000 pearls in five variations of sizes and then each hand sewn onto the fragile garment, N’yongo made a splash in a freshwater creation that even Botticelli’s Birth of Venus would approve of.

Lupita in Pearls

Course, wouldn’t it be sweeter if you could savor such delicate beauty straight off the red carpet? Not quite literally but just as imaginative, our collection of Apothecary Pearls will allow you to do just that! One of our favorite chocolates from Mariebelle’s Cacao Market Collection, these tiny bursts of chocolate pack a rich flavor despite their delicate size.  Available in both milk or dark chocolate, these mini-treats vary in a range of colors including metallic sheen in copper and silver. Beautiful packaged in a vintage-inspired glass jar, it’s presence will remind you when you’re out and ready to refill (or keep it and reuse as decor!).

Apothecary Pearlsz

No matter which flavor you prefer though, you too can look just as Oscar-worthy as the creme de la creme when it comes to enjoying the pearl. Sweeter still, we’re currently offering 20% off our entire Apothecary Collection for you to enjoy this glamourous time of year, because after all, who are you not to receive the royal treatment.

Apothecary PearlsFeatured images via E! News & Calvin Klein Instagram