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Chocolate Resolutions for the Chocoholic

Chocolate Resolutions for the Chocoholic Article

While resolutions were meant to be broken (ask anybody!), we’ve come up with a few chocolatey resolutions we can’t wait to keep. Here’s to a sweet 2016…! BULK UP & GET FIT If you’re interested in bulking up this year, do it with Chocolate! And no we don’t mean with our bestselling Hot Chocolate Refill […]

Chocoholic 101

Chocoholic 101

If you’re a true chocoholic then you probably believe that there’s absolutely no reason not to tear your teeth into dark, rich chocolate no matter the time or day.  But were you also aware that we have no one but science itself to blame for those uncontrollable chocolate cravings?  So next time you find your […]