9 Piece Glenlivet Collection


The Glenlivet has raised the bar with a new collaboration with luxury chocolatier MarieBelle. Made with rich dark chocolate and a blend of The Glenlivet, these infused chocolates pair perfectly with a smooth sip of our 18 year old Single Malt scotch whiskey.

MarieBelle is the premier boutique luxury chocolate brand, offering luscious chocolate products crafted with quality ingredients, ethically sourced, nutritionally sound and packaged in uniquely designed presentations.

The Glenlivet, created by George Smith in 1824, is The Definitive Speyside Single Malt, renowned for its heritage as a visionary within the single malts category. With its smooth and fruity flavor profile, The Glenlivet is the most consumed Single Malt in the U.S. Acting as the guardian for outstanding quality and craftsmanship within the category, The Glenlivet is dedicated to continuing this legacy and has led innovation within single malt in recent years.

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