The Mid-Autumn Festival is September 29th, 2023 - Don't wait till the last minute to pre-order your celebratory gifts now!

Celebrate the Magic of the Mid-Autumn Festival with MarieBelle New York Chocolates

Get ready to celebrate the 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival with MarieBelle New York Chocolate's limited edition collection dedicated to the holiday (celebrated on Friday, September 29th). Inspired by the moon's splendor and the magic of the lunar equinox, this limited-edition collection brings to life the beauty of the full moon along with traditional flavors of this honorary East Asian tradition. Perfect for gifting and sharing with friends and family, MarieBelle New York welcome's you to express love and well wishes to one another in every bite.
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For Gifting & Sharing

Make memories, embrace tradition, and revel in the radiance of moon-lit festivities.

Picture Perfection

Beautifuly made, each item reflects the warmth of the season to come.

Garanteed Delivery

A limited edition collection, items will not be restocked once sold out; we gently urge customers to place orders in early.

The Lavish Detailings

Each element reflects the warmth of the season and draws inspiration from the magic of the lunar equinox and the essence of the season.

Elegantly crafted as a treasure box keepsake, beautifully made to cherish after you've enjoyed the precious jewels within; four petite boxes, each encompassing a single hand-made miniature cake depicted to look like the full moon.

Recreating Traditional Delacacies

A masterpiece of elegance and exquisite chocolate artisanship, open each drawer and discover four petite, hand-crafted miniature cakes resembling the full moon and highlighting traditional Asian flavors like white lotus seed paste & egg yolk, and pineapple.

Ideal for sharing cherished moments with loved ones or as an extravagant gift, it encapsulates the very spirit of MarieBelle New York's distinctive style and fondness.

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A secretive treasure box



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The enchantment of the Mid-Autumn Festival with MarieBelle New York

Celebrated this year on September 29th, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a cherished East Asian tradition that honors the moon's splendor and marks the autumnal equinox.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, mooncakes are traditionally enjoyed as a symbol of harvest, unity, and lunar worship. Each represents the full moon and the blessings of togetherness with family and friends.

Indugle in the magic with MarieBelle New York and join us as we gift and share these delicious treats, expressing love and good wishes to one another, fostering a sense of harmony and celebration - in every bite.



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