Happy National Lollipop Day!

7 Fun Facts About Everyone's Favorite Candy in Honor of #NationalLollipop Day

Probably just another reason to over-indulge in sweetness, what better way to nibble your way through brightly colored sugars than with a sweet snack on a stick. Course, while serving sweet additions on sticks might be a new improvement for some foods, it’s been like that since the beginning of time for the lolli. Today we’re sharing seven fun facts about this favored candy in honor of #NationalLollipopDay!



  • For the first lolli, we have to thank George Smith. He saw a fellow sweet maker in West Haven, Connecticut put a chocolate and caramel candy on a stick. Lightbulb! He decided to run with that idea and began manufacturing his out version of the hard candy, naming it Lolly Pop after his favorite horse.


  • The first lollipop-making machine that was able to deliver at a high-production rate was invented in 1908.  it would push out 40 pops in a single minute; today modern machines can churn out 5900 in a minute.


  • The largest lolli in history was made on July 18th 2012 when a confectioner from See’s Candies of California decided to create something extra delicious. The result was a cherry-flavored lolli that weighed over 7000lbs. and stood as tall as a giraffe!


  • The original Chupa Chupa label was designed by recognized artist Salvador Dali.


  • Before it was associated with our classic treat, the term lollipop referred to other things; in the mid 1780s Charles Dickens uses it to call out stickless candies.


  • Surprisingly, cotton Candy is the most common lollipop flavor.


  • The main ingredients in this simple recipe are corn syrup, sugar, water, and flavoring.


And so in the name of Lolly, there you have it! Now go out and treat a friend to share the sweetness!