So busy making chocolate, we forgot about our website!

MarieBelle Chocolates New York - New Website

When we first opened MarieBelle New York in Nolita in 2000, the internet was the last thing on our minds. We had a 1-800 number, but we never thought people would order chocolate online. When friends and customers started suggesting it, we developed our first website in 2002 with an adorable animation on our home page. We were so very proud of ourselves! When the first few orders started trickling in, we actually processed them manually at the time. Later that year we got a call from Oprah Winfrey’s producers, saying that Ms. Winfrey loved our hot chocolate so much she would feature it in her “Oprah’s Favorite Things of The Year” segment. Well needless to say, the day following the show our cute little website crashed, taking the Disney website (which was hosted on the same server) down with it. Eek! A tidal wave of orders rushed in over the following weeks, and we processed each one by hand, printing labels on a photo printer and charging each credit card on our old-fashioned credit card swiper. All of this was done in time for people to receive their orders for Christmas. It was a wonderful problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. We’ve worked hard on our online presence since those radio days, and it’s been a struggle for us to keep on top of technology while running our brick-and-mortar chocolate shops. Twelve years have gone by since that first initiation, and we’ve gone through six different websites in the process.

MarieBelle Chocolates New York_ Old versions of website

Enter a wonderfully passionate team of digital experts who we met in Canada this year. We gave them the challenging task of building us a new digital home, and after months of work we’re extremely proud of the results! Not only does it show us in our best light, it also provides a great experience for you, the chocolate lover. And it’s so easy to use, we can go now back to making delicious chocolate. We hope you enjoy the chocolate AND the website as much as we do!

MarieBelle Chocolates New York - New Website