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Happy National Candy Month

June 22, 2015
Summer has officially commenced; that means superb tanning weather, finding any excuse to dine al fresco, and of course, relishing the sweet, month-long celebration of Candy Month! Yes, that’s right! Never a wrong way to celebrate anything delicious, June is the official month for celebrating the sweet and the sour, the crunchy and the chewy, and of course, chocolatey deliciousness of everyone’s favorite candies. To get your sweet tooth in the mood, here are nine tempting facts about some of the world’s favorite and most recognized candies. 1. Believe it or not, but a gentleman by the name of William James Morrison invented the the cotton candy. And he was a dentist. SONY DSC 2. Originally a historic novel, Three Musketeers chocolate bars first got its name from the three pieces of different flavored candy that it contained: vanilla, strawberry, and the only one used today, chocolate. 3. One might have a hard time believe it, but as much candy as Americans eat, Germans consume twice as much the sweet stuff as candy lovers in the USA. 4. Snickers, one of the most consumed candy bars on the market today, was originally named after a horse. 160337354 5. Traditionally, most flavored bubble gum is pink because due to being the only edible color dye available at time when invented. 6. Look to the Tootsie Roll! During WWII these sweet snacks were given out as rations as they held up over time and extreme weather conditions. trollsImage5 7. Named after their creators, M&M’s will forever immortalize the names of Forest Mars Sr. and Bruce Murrie. 8. Across the United States, red (Very Berry) jelly beans are the most common favorite amongst young children. Ci jj 9. No surprise that Easter is one of the biggest candy holidays but did you know that every year candy companies produce more than 90 million Easter bunnies and even 16 billion jelly beans, just for this single occasion. Halloween is the second biggest American holiday associated with candy. However, despite the close association between Halloween and candy, Christmas holidays actually produces higher candy sales across the year, including two billion candy canes.
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