11 Iconic Scenes That Will Leave You Craving For More Chocolate

11 Iconic Scenes That Will Leave You Craving For More Chocolate

Warning: These short clips might induce chocolate cravings.

Chocolate has had it’s moments, from television to the silver screen. Considering that it’s starred in so many great moments we’re surprised it hasn’t won an Oscar by now.  But until then, we’ll have to get our licks from some of our existing, favorite clips featuring chocolate as the main star.

1. No chocolate factory would be complete with our two favorite ladies, Lucy & Ethel! Depicting what exactly happens when you’re up to your ears in chocolate (just eat it!), these ladies knew exactly how to control the situation… we would have done the same!

[responsive_youtube 8NPzLBSBzPI]

2. Homer Simpson knew exactly what he was getting into when he took it upon himself to dream all things chocolate… but then that dream ended, and he woke up.

[responsive_youtube zKxjvpY-x5E]

3. When talking about your favorite chocolate destination, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971) can lend you its itinerary, starting with a boat trip down the chocolate river.

[responsive_youtube QJr-JYejg_0]

4. Because we’ve all hit a low blow in our relationships, Miranda Hobbs from Sex & The City shows us there’s nothing wrong with taking cake from the garbage and eating it.  Thankfully today’s there’s WeightWatchers if this kind of behavior persists.

[responsive_youtube xfk5iseN87k]

5. George Costanza from a 1994 Seinfeld clip proves that women aren’t the only ones that ‘emotionally eat’ chocolate from the trash.

[responsive_youtube KKC5jjFkfgo]

6. From vegetarian carrot cake to scary black forest to the black and white cookie, Elaine and Jerry prove that chocolate isn’t just for babka.

[responsive_youtube i78azsi7M94]

7. Forest Gump summed it up quite accurately when he described life like a box of delicious things to eat. And that’s why we’re still eating….!

[responsive_youtube CJh59vZ8ccc]

8. Because we know wedding planning and being the “Maid of Honor” can take its toll on Bridesmaids, Kristen Wiig shows us how to appropriately handle a “completely over the top and ridiculously stupid” social affair.

[responsive_youtube B0gHAvB1X9k]

9. What could be more enchanting than magic chocolates? Enter the world of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley as they discover Chocolate Frogs. Trust us, you’ll be wanting the full lot.

[responsive_youtube 81scFUYQGbU]

10. Candy making can be quite overwhelming, but when you do it with Friends like Chandler, Joey and Monica, proves you can get through anything – including a neighborhood mobbing.

[responsive_youtube Ou76DXq57MI]

11. And because there’s nothing sexier than Johnny Depp licking chocolate off his fingers, we couldn’t resist adding Chocolat to the list.

[responsive_youtube PhkCGApLP30]