10 Signs You Have Found Your Lifelong Best Friend

10 Signs You Have Found Your Lifelong Best Friend

We all have people in our lives with whom we enjoy spending time and who just know how to make us happy. However, a lifelong best friend is more than that. Your bestie is someone who knows all there is to know about you, and maybe even more than you do yourself!

Do you and your best friend show signs of a lifelong friendship?
If you can agree with the below statements, then the answer is most probably yes!

1. Finishing each other’s sentences happens… well… all the time!

great minds think alikepng

2. No matter how much time you’ve spent apart, once reunited, it’s like no time has passed at all.

distance png

3. You always  tell each other the truth, no matter how flattering or insulting! It’s for your own good, and you know it.


4. If you are hating on someone, then your bestie is in hating mode also… never mind knowing the person or even why you are hating. They just have your back. Case closed.

hate 2png

5. There is no need for verbal communication! Between the two of you, facial expressions are more than enough.


6. You have so many inside stories that anyone joining your fun automatically  becomes a third wheel. It’s inevitable!


7. There’s no knocking on the door. You just walk right in and it’s totally OK.

walk right inpng

8. You don’t judge when you eat/drink your emotions. You indulge with each other instead.


9. You will always share that last piece of chocolate with each other, no matter how small it is!


10. You are the first one to like or comment on everything you post on social media. And you also know what pictures NOT to post. Amen.



So… have you found a lifelong friendship? If the answer is yes, then you are very lucky to have met him or her!

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