Matcha Hot Chocolate (10 oz)

Indulge your love for the rich, satisfying taste of gourmet hot chocolate!  A perfect way to take the chill off a cold winter’s day, Mariebelle’s decorative Hot Chocolate tins are guaranteed to warm both the heart and soul. This holiday, white chocolate serves as the perfect backdrop for the refreshing flavor of Matcha, making our newest Japanese Matcha Green Tea & White Hot Chocolate sinfully delicious!  Crafted using the highest quality of single origin cacao beans and authentic Japanese green tea, our organic Matcha is a fine stone-ground green tea powder from Japan— fresh, inviting and delicate. Simply whisked with our frothy silky white chocolate it transforms into a bowl of ceremonial Matcha hot chocolate, with a strong aroma that’ll leave your mouth watering. (10 oz/ 284 grams)

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White chocolate, powdered milk, cornstarch, japanese matcha green tea powder, vanilla.

Shipping Information
This product tends to be less sensitive to heat, however we strongly recommend you choose a maximum of 3 shipping days when ordering it to states that have warmer weather. While we take every precaution to pack your product carefully, we cannot be responsible for melted products.