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MarieBelle New York x Joyful Heart Foundation Chocolate Ganache 16-Piece Box

Treat yourself to a decadent indulgence while giving back something sweet to the Joyful Heart Foundation; founded by actress and advocate Mariska Hargitay in 2004, the mission of the Joyful Heart Foundation is to transform society’s response to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse, support survivors’ healing, and end this violence forever. (For more info visit:

With this exclusive Mariebelle New York collaboration, we are giving back 100% of proceeds to the Joyful Heart Foundation for every box sold. Included within is a mouthwatering 16-piece box of handmade chocolates enclosed in a signature MarieBelle’s blue box and beautifully tied with a green ribbon.  Inside customers will find a delicious chocolate ganache including one silkscreened with the Joyful Heart logo as well as other designs inspired by self-care.  Within every bite follows an assortment of traditional and unexpected, eclectic flavor ingredients such as dulche de leche, lavender, saffron, Japanese matcha and passion fruit.

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Cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, milk, cream, natural flavors, soy lecithin, vanilla, glucose, salt. This product is manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, tree nuts and milk and contains yellow 5, yellow6, red40, blue1, blue2, and titanium dioxide.

Shipping Information
Since this type of chocolate is extremely delicate and heat sensitive, we strongly recommend to send it overnight. This is specially true for warm weather states and during late Spring and throughout the Summer.

Discover the unique flavor in each ganache

Diving – Dulce de Leche

This dark chocolate ganache is mixes with Dulce de Leche for a sweeter taste creating a unique contrast to the dark chocolate.

Earth – Jasmine Tea

This mild, dark tasting ganache is a mix of milk, 60% and 70% chocolate infused with Jasmine tea,

Safari – Caipirinha

A chocolate ganache infused caipirinha, a Brazilian cocktail made with sugar cane rum named cachaça.

Hat Day – Pistachio

Not technically a ganache, this chocolate covered marzipan is slowly ground with almonds, pistachios, and sugar, then enrobed in dark chocolate.

Le Baiser – Passion Fruit

A puree of passion fruit pulp, both sweet and tart with a guava-esque taste, mixed with milk chocolate ganache and blanketed in milk chocolate.

Vanity – Kona Bean

This white chocolate ganache is mixed with actual grains of Hawaiian Kona coffee and covered with dark chocolate.

Dream – Peanut Butter

A milk chocolate ganache mixed with smooth peanut butter and real ground peanuts covered in dark chocolate.

Happiness – Ginger

A mild dark chocolate ganache infused with candied ginger and ginger root juice.

Life Saver – Spicy

Chipotle chile is infused into a dark and mild chocolate ganache for a smoth, creamy texture and an uncharacteristically mild flavor.

The Plaza – Lemon

Dark chocolate ganache with infused fresh squeezed Florida lemons.

Ms. New York – Espresso

A dark chocolate ganache infused with 100% Arabica beans resulting in a strikingly dark tasting chocolate with a profound coffee flavor.

The Can Can Dancers – Pineapple

A milk chocolate ganache mixed with fresh pineapple pulp and blanketed with dark chocolate.

Flying – Cinnamon

Covered in 65% Venezuelan Maracaibo chocolate, this ganache is a mixture of three differen chocolates infused with Moroccan cinnamin sticks,

Glass Tiles – Hazelnut

Not technically a ganache, this praline is mixed with real chocolate for a smooth texture that is then blaneted in dark chocolate.

Child’s Dream – Milk Chocolate

This all-milk chocolate piece is pure mils chocolate ganache blanketed in milk chocolate.

Serenity – Matcha

White chocolate gracefully combined with Japanese matcha tea.

The City – Banana

A silky-smooth dark chocolate ganache blended with natural creamy banana pulp.

Volcano – Caramel Salt

Dark Chocolate covered creamy and rich caramel with seasalt.

Water – Caramel

Not a ganache, this dark chocolate covered, creamy and rich caramel is made with sugar and European butter.

Stained Glass – Cardamom

This popular Indian spice is roasted, caramelized, and infused into this dark and milk chocolate ganache for a smooth, creamy texture and an uncharacteristically mild flavor.

Sea Waves – Saffron

One of the most expensive spices in the world, when infused and covered in dark chocolate, saffron makes this piece one of the “more unusual” ganaches at MarieBelle.

Mosaique – Wildberry

Fresh purees of blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry are mised with milk chocolate ganache and infused with a hint of hibiscus flower for this dark chocolate covered jewel.

Castaway – Coconut

An extremly smooth ganach made with shredded roasted coconut and covered in 65% Venezualan Maracaibo dark chocolate.

Angelina – Vanilla

This dark and milk chocolate ganache is infused with the finest Tahitian vanilla.

Forest – Lavender

A fragrant but gentle flavor, this dark chocolate ganache is infused with English lavender flowers from the Provence and covnered in dark chocolate.

Morning Mist – Madagascar

A silky-smooth dark chocolate ganache made with Trinitario cacao beans from the Sambino, Madagascar, tasting of wildberry, hints of clove and cedar, and a roasted hazelnut aroma.

Let Me Tie Your Shoe – Cilantro

Lime, chipotle, and cilantro pâte de fruit combined with a layer of white chocolate and covered in 65% dark chocolate.

Selima And Maribel – Gianduja

Not a ganache, this hazelnut-flavored praline with a doft and silky-smooth texture is covered in dark chocolate.

Boardwalk – Toffee

A dark chocolate ganache made with dark caramel and vanilla and covered in 65% Venezuelan Maracaibo chocolate.

Invincilble Woman – Rum Raisins

An exquisite combination of dark and milk chocolate ganache with an infusion of New York raisins and Puerto Rican rum.

The Rose – Whisky

This dark chocolate ganache is mixed with McLaren Speyside Scotch.

Shopaholic – Pumpkin

White chocolate blended with pumpkin and autumn spices covered in dark chocolate.

Mariebelle – Mint

A white chocolate ganache infused with fresh mint leaves and covered in 65% Venezuelan Maracaibo chocolate.

Autumn – Orange

A milk chocolate ganache mixed with fresh orange pilp and blanketed with a dark chocolate.

New York Working Men – Mojito

Made after the Cuban drink, this dark chocolate ganache perfectly combines citric lime and minty flavors.