The Finest Cacao

We choose only the finest selection of Criollo cacao beans from all over the world. What the fine Arabica bean is to coffee, the even finer and rarer Criollo bean is to chocolate. Criollo cacao makes up less than 10% of worldwide chocolate production, and as such is highly sought after by connoisseurs. Chocolate made from Criollo beans has a distinctly reddish colour, and an equally distinctive complex taste which can include flavours of caramel, nuts, vanilla and tobacco.

The Finest Ingredients

Only the finest, seasonal and natural ingredients are selected to make our chocolates. We source local ingredients such as fresh berries and fruits, and travel the world to find the best exotic ingredients each culture has to offer. This includes European butter, English lavender, Tahitian vanilla, Florida lemons, Japanese matcha tea and Puerto Rican rum. These ingredients are slowly infused into our chocolates as their freshness is essential to the complexity of their flavor.

Exquisite Artisanal Techniques

Our chocolates are all hand made by passionate chocolate artisans. Their startling creativity and gift for harmonizing flavors has been the source of continuous innovation in our chocolate making process and techniques.

The Finest Bite Sized Chocolate

The chocolate and natural ingredients are combined into ganache and tempered to remove air and ensure maximum freshness. The ganache is then settled overnight before being cut into bite-sized pieces. Each ganache is then coated in pure dark chocolate before each piece receives its signature cocoa-based design.

An Edible Work of Art

Our designs are all paintings created by artisanal, culinary artists.  Each design tells its own story.

There is a magnificient story behind each chocolate

Diving – Dulce de Leche

She loved to be pampered, she loves to be in the center. Her favorite game is about to start… “Who should I choose today?”

Earth – Jasmine Tea

I am earth and earth is me, I respect you Earth, thank you for allowing me to be a part of you.

Safari – Caipirinha

Those who travel light shall be rewarded. No meeting today, no sleep tonight. This isn’t a vacation, this is a journey to motherland Africa.

Hat Day – Pistachio

Luxurious, flirtatious and sometimes sexy. She was out to prove a great hat could change her day.

Le Baiser – Passion Fruit

They met behind the heavy curtain of the theatre. The show was about to start as they encourages each other. They hugged and kissed… The curain opened!

Vanity – Kona Bean

For beautiful lips, speak words of kindness, for beautiful eyes, seek the best in people.

Dream – Peanut Butter

Round and tall she wore her favorite hat, “New York has come into her life”. She felt powerful, energetic. She accomplished her longed dreams.

Happiness – Ginger

Music makes me happy, with it I relax, I smile and clean my soul, I dream. I wish you always have happiness in each and every day.

Life Saver – Spicy

It’s been a long winter, she dreamed of Summer. She laid in the tub, closed her eyes and dreamed of sun rays caressing her body.

The Plaza – Lemon

It was a beautiful afternoon, the waves of men, women and lovers were strolling through the plaza enjoying the cool autumn breeze, their destination was nowhere but just be at the plaza.

Ms. New York – Espresso

As usual, she was rushing to her meeting, although it was a business engagement, her style and elegance always left a lasting impression.

The Can Can Dancers – Pineapple

Chorus with their tight net stockings and their red heads rocking. Come and trace the High-Kick! All the Moulin Rouge.

Flying – Cinnamon

Oh my New York, New York! You are my hero. You are my inspiration. Your buildings. Your cultures. There’s no place on earth where one can meet many countries in one city. I love flying over you.

Glass Tiles – Hazelnut

Water and sun sparkle through the glass tiles making a beautiful rainbow.

Child’s Dream – Milk Chocolate

She peeked as her mother dressed, she dreamed for someday when she could fit in her mother’s clothes.

Serenity – Matcha

In this moment of peace, she closed her eyes. She thanked for the serenity that is within her.

The City – Banana

People coming and going, riding subways, buses or taxis, a place where dreams are made. A place that never sleeps. Today… Another wonderful day in the city of lights!

Volcano – Caramel Salt

Long lava-light, glaring down the mountain like a fountain of flames, YOUR COLORS are too beautiful to be ignored.

Water – Caramel

You fill the oceans, rivers and brooks. On the ocean, you’re dressed with different shades of blue. You look sublime, on the rivers and brooks. You run with energy as if rushing to get somewhere.

Stained Glass – Cardamom

Colors are dancing around you, light dancing through. Oh yes! It’s purple. oh yes it’s yellow. I sing and praise the sun.

Sea Waves – Saffron

The sun slowly seting on the horizon. I sat on the bench and made a castle and a beautiful wave came tumbling right up to me.

Mosaique – Wildberry

Red, blue, yellow sand together as a choir of woven lullaby.

Castaway – Coconut

Many yearning months for this day to arrive: a moment to themselves… They were happy at last.

Angelina – Vanilla

She runs wearing her mother’s shoes excited to show off to her friends. Her hair is done, her sunglasses… but of course not forgetting her favorite ice cream.

Forest – Lavender

I bless you forest of the Earth… Your beautiful display of colors.. No man on Earth can ever recreate! Thank you for feasting my eyes.

Morning Mist – Madagascar

The shades of nature’s scenery unravel. Brush-stroked by a master’s hand. Candle lights are coming to an end one by one as the sun attempts to peer through the glass.

Let Me Tie Your Shoe – Cilantro

Her dream has come true! Her red shoes are real… Peapole are turning up to take a look. He adores every bit of her.

Selima And Maribel – Gianduja

Downtown they tour. Hand in hand they support one another. These streets they know so well. Years of dreams, energy and earnings. Time passes like a wind yet the dreams ever fade.

Boardwalk – Toffee

This is my dear boardwalk, I wait for the first sight of orange colors as they fall in the horizon… It’s a happy day for me and my puppies.

Invincilble Woman – Rum Raisins

Energy you don’t lack. Up you are before sunrise. Hurry, no time to waste… It’s a long day ahead.

The Rose – Whisky

A rose ion the dead of winter, a bright red rose that was waiting just for him to pluck from the ground. Good things are sure to come.

Shopaholic – Pumpkin

No time for breaks. She wants these shoes, she wants this bag. “This dress matches”. She is having a great time. She leaves the store, her only thought is how much money she saved today.

Mariebelle – Mint

Chocolate you are, feasting your beholder eyes and palate are your destiny.

Autumn – Orange

Sing a song of seasons! Something bright in all! Flowers in the summer fires in this fall.

New York Working Men – Mojito

In the labor of construction or trades there is always a pleasant moment to break and stop the traffic.

Kona Beans

The night before Christmas is the best time for dreams and the girl dreams she is Peter Pan’s Wendy, being whisked away on a magical rocking horse. Upon awakening, the rocking horse is there, at the foot of her bed, wrapped in a bow.


Excited and breathless from his secret nocturnal journey, the boy kneels under the majestic pine tree and grasps a large package, eagerly jostling it to divine its mysterious contents.


As the familiar carols plays and the children hand their ornaments, the mother savors a rare moment of detachment. This is her happy home and how lucky she feels to be in it.


Night has fallen on the promenade and all that remains of the bustling Christmas market is the contented shoppers with their newly acquired gifts.

Tahitian Vanilla

The hill is steep and the snow is a blinding white, but nothing can dampen their joyful spirits on this first winter sled of the year.

Peanut Butter

Worry not you millions of wishers, each of your letters will be treated with consideration and care.


Through the winding woods and snow-covered trees lies the house of St. Nick, abuzz with worker bees.


A rose in the dead of winter, a bright red rose that was waiting just for him to pluck from the ground; good things are surely to come.


He misses her terribly during the holidays but playing music by the tree where they spent so much time helps him clear his mind and connect to the greatest love of his life.


As dawn approaches, the sleigh lands softly in the snow, the reindeer slow their pace and nature is quiet for a moment as it reflects on another miraculous Christmas journey an prepares for the day ahead.


They dangle from the stairs, the windows and the wreaths, ornaments that catch the light, clink together and tell you Christmas time is here.

Milk Chocolate

Holiday ice skating beneath the towering Christmas tree at Rockerfeller Center, with family and friends, wrapped up in cozy scarves and hats, a cup of hot chocolate squeezed between mittens.

Passion Fruit

Snow falls on her eyelashes, he hugs her closely and they marvel at this moment when they have never felt more strongly that Paris is for lovers.


Young, fit and fashionable, these two have come to Aspen to impress, and as they cruise down the slopes, everyone turns to take a look.


The holiday ball has arrived and neither sleet nor snow will prevent the newly engaged and beautiful Lady Bosworth from attending.


Lady Winter arrives to wish everone season greetings.

Rum Raisin

Her clothes ae laid out and her grandmother’s present is packed; now she is free to take a moment and daydream about her first big trip alone.


This year she is deemed old enough to hold the candelbra and, as she takes it into her small hands, she sets to work on serious Christmas tasks.


A plate of warm cookies and milk, a stocking hung with care, and a sleeping girl who believes in the magic of Christmas – The stage is set for St. Nicholas, who glides easily through the cold night air and sets it aglow.

Matcha Tea

Years later, family photos will show the little boy grinning with guests, eating cake and opening gifts, but the only moment that the boy will remember is his father explaining the miracle of those eight nights of oil, thousands of years ago.

Key Purse – Champagne

St. Valentine himself could not have thought up such a lovely day”, she claims as she glides towards the store to retrieve the mysterious box for she holds the key

Heart Pocket – Whisky

They have declared their love and shared their secrets. Tonight she is bequeathing him her key.

Puppy Love – Peanut Butter

Their meeting is like a scene from a movie. Their future seems as bright as a star.

Dancers – Espresso

They are light on their feet and utterly in sync. There is something in the air this Valentine’s night.

Love Embrace – Passion Fruit

She wraps him in a scarf of kisses and care. He adores every bit of her.

Heart Flowers – Mint

They have mastered the art of talking without words. As the day comes to an end, their story begins with a flower and a note.

The Boat – Wildberry

The moonlight serenade brings unlikely mates together with a peaceful stillness in their hearts.

Cinderella – Dulce de Leche

The ball, the glass slipper, and the love of her life. She can not believe this fairytale is hers.

Flamingos – Cilantro

In the glow of love, everything is more brilliant, beautiful and burning with life.

Girl with Balloons – Milk Chocolate

The girl walks home tentatively, careful not to let any balloons escape for all of them are precious.

Boy Blowing Bubbles – Toffee

He’s always been a quiet boy; The bubbles are his way of expressing his feelings to the world.

Love Thread – Madagascar

Her fingers move rhythmically, smoothly looping in and out. The world inspires her and makes her work easy.

Rum Raisin

One could think she had a million hands, doing many things at once. She was tired, but her face only reflected peace.


A bouquet to say “thank you” for all the things you’ve done. Wishes that every day will bring happiness and love.


A queen, she felt her castle was complete. She had love from everywhere. She hugged and thanked the heavens, for happiness did exist.

Dark Madagascar

A walk to the park in the heart of the Big Apple, full of giggles and laughter.


The air is cool, the breeze is light. The trees are blooming pink, lilac, and white. Thank you for my eyes are feasting. Enchanting!

Passion Fruit

You’ve been the greatest to me. Teaching me when I needed you. You’ve always been there for me.


Ding dong ding dong. Come hear the bells! Mami’s day is here! Let’s all cheer this blessed day for we are lucky to be here.

Almond Praline

Baking with love and care, mixing cherish and hugs for a special person you are. Plenty of kisses for you!


The finest cloithing, the most wonderful jewels and the most glamorous beauty are completed by your kindness.

Rose Petals

I am lucky and blessed. I will always be grateful. Mom, you are the best!


Oh fairy how fresh you look. Talk to me as I have been waiting patiently through the winter just to see your face of kindness.


They sang to their mommy. Spring is here! Rain rain go away, come again another day!


Under the sun, she touched a hundred flowers but picked none. The berries were tempting, and the ducks were happy to see her.

Dark Chocolate

As he lay awake all night, one thought kept him eager; the moment he would taste this luscious dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate

She impatiently started her recipe. As she gathered her ingredients she contemplated the milk bottle. The cow was smiling. She grinned.


She woke up with the fragrance of fresh mint fields. She enjoyed the summer. On her departure she took the field with her.


Proudly holding the elegant tray, the dark roasted beans swaying from side to side. The robust aroma sent him, at sunrise, to watch the waves while drinking his dark coffee.


She always managed to leave a lasting impression. Her name I cannot say, but it’s no secret she’s vanilla.


He was proud of his new invention. He could go further now, with his big wheel. He had the world at his feet.

Rum Raisin

They kept dancing through the night. The outfits, the music, the flavors… All ready to continue tirelessly until morning.


It was a carnival. The parade was about to start. The crowds cheered! She arose like a fairy wearing her lemon gown.


Music from the sea? Is it singing I hear? Or is it bubbles? It’s magic!


She felt graceful and beautiful when dancing in her bloomers. She moved like a swan as Mr. Lautrec sketched.

Love Mom

You’ve been the greatest to me. Teaching me when I needed you. You’ve always been there for me.