Connoisseur Collection

The edible treasures in MarieBelle New York’s Connoisseur Collection
are made from the world's finest and most valuable cocoa beans
sourced from Theobrama trees in Venezuela, Ecuador, Java and Madagascar.

Hot Chocolate Collection

Thick and decadent, MarieBelle New York’s hot chocolate is the stuff of legends.
All our recipes contain rich, South American single-origin pure chocolate
instead of cocoa powder.

Fine Teas Collection

Chosen for flavor, fragrance and appearance,
each MarieBelle New York tea blend reflects our commitment to quality and taste.
Each of our tea blends is packaged in a beautiful, gift-worthy tin.

Signature Bar Collection

For the passionate chocolate lover,
MarieBelle New York offers elegant, classic chocolate bars.
Each of our bars is created with single origin cocoa beans, producing the smooth,
creamy flavor and consistency that is a trademark of our products.

Pin-up Bar Collection

Our popular pin-up bars are as delicious on the outside as they are to savor.
Each bar in this collection features a classic 1940s Vargas girl, each flirtier than the next.
You'll have a hard time choosing!

Confiseries Collection

A wide assortment of delightful candies and cookies that are artfully packaged.
Both decorative and delectable, these treats are ideal for gift giving
or after-dinner entertaining.

Gift Set Collections

Browse our collection of fine gifts to find just the right thing to surprise
and delight your lucky recipient.
Our gift sets are packed in MarieBelle New York’s classic blue and brown boxes
and wrapped in grosgrain ribbon for an elegant presentation.

Cacao Market Collection

Our latest ganache style is pure, simple and rustic.
These hand-shaped, delicate chocolates are adorned with the vibrant
and playful designs you’ve come to know from MarieBelle New York.
This collection’s minimalist approach ensures you get the most sensory experience
from our innovative flavors.